Wayne Schell

Wayne Schell

Our Co-Founder and Principal Partner, Wayne Schell, has a lifetime of experience in service industries, using technology to leverage customer satisfaction and efficiencies.

He is the past CEO of HSS, a national service company based in Denver, Colorado.  He helped build the company, the recognized nationwide leader in healthcare and airport security services, from $3 million to $150 million during his 30-year tenure as COO and CEO.

His experience and expertise in the service industry focused on developing effective customer solutions and competitive advantages in specific market niches. He built a highly effective team and leveraged technology during the accelerated growth at HSS.

Prior to HSS, Wayne was the Western Operations Manager and Marketing Manager, in Houston and Denver, for Dresser Industries, now Halliburton, serving the Oil and Gas Service Industry.  He also served as Regional Engineer at Reading and Bates Offshore Drilling Company, (now Transocean) in Houston. Texas and London, England.

He is a former USAF Fighter Pilot with over 300 combat missions.

He has an engineering degree from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Houston, Texas.

Mr. Schell’s LinkedIn profile is located at www.linkedin.com/in/wayne-schell

From Fighter Pilot to CEO, lessons learned from the cockpit; Trust, Teamwork, Focus, Mission, Communication.
The lights in the cockpit went off, and we slowly rotated down, crashing softly into the rice paddy.
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